John Molson MBA Case Writing Competition Results

This annual case writing competition sets out to reach top case writers worldwide, who submit unpublished and untested business cases for use at The John Molson MBA International Case Competition. w


First place

Nestle SA: The Nescafe Plan in China
Ramasastry Chandrasekhar and Robert Klassen
Western University
Ref 9B15D013
Teaching note
Ref 8B15D013

Second place

The Turnaround Plan of McDonald’s: A Long Way to Go
Indu Perepu
IBS Center for Management Research
Ref 216-0022-1
Teaching note
Ref 216-0022-8

Third place

Eltherm: Glowing Red-Hot in the Concentrated Solar Power Heat-Tracing Market
Marc Low and Brigitta Annegarn

Short Case Winner

Maggi Noodles in India: The Revival Challenge
Alok Rama Kavthankar and Indu Perepu
IBS Center for Management Research
Ref 216-0058-1
Teaching note
Ref 216-0058-8

$1000 prize winners

Uniqlo: A Supply Chain Going Global
Benjamin Yen
School of Business, The University of Hong Kong
Ref 316-0314-1
Teaching note
Ref 316-0314-8

Mahindra Finance: Accelerating Growth
Charles Dhanaraj, Thomas Malnight and Ivy Buche
Ref IMD-7-1700

Ram Subramanian
Ivey Publishing
Ref 9B16M074

Ref 8B16M074


First place

MarcoPolo: The Quest for Global Leadership
Charles Dhanaraj, Fernanda Ribeiro and Eva Stal
Ref IMD-7-1606

Second place

Brunet Vise Juste
Harold Boeck, Cédric Degallaix and Catherine Choquette

Third place

Warby Parker: One-for-One Model in Eyewear
Vasudha M
Amity Research Centre

$1000 prize winners

Ricoh Canada Inc
Prescott C. Ensign and Jonathan Fast
Wilfrid Laurier University
Ref A09-15-0006
Teaching note

Paris Saint Germain
Ronald Kamin and Thierry Delécolle

Reconfiguring the Supply Chain at Xtra Power Energy Systems
Rik Paul, Debapratim Purkayastha and Jigyasu Gaur
IBS Center for Management Research
Ref 615-022-1
Teaching note



First place

Deloitte: Stormy Seas or Smooth Sailing Ahead?
Marc Low
University of Minnesota

Second place

Metro: my Canadian eGrocer?
Karine Menard, Émilie Marinier, Lucas Perrotte, and Harold Boeck
University of South Carolina

Third place

Sodastream Takes on Coke and Pepsi
Ram Subramanian
Ivey Publishing
Ref 9B14M038

$1000 prize winners

Dietmar Sternad
Ivey Publishing
Ref 9B14M072

Ref 8B14M072

Sony Corporation - Is the Sum Greater Than the Parts?
Andrew Inkpen
Western University
Ref A07-14-0002
Teaching note
Ref C07-14-0002

Lutz Kaufmann, Sotiris Politis and Gavin Meschnig
WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management
Ref 614-006-1

Ref 614-006-8

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