oikos Sustainability Case Writing Competition 2006

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1st prize

Hindustan Lever (A): Leaping A Millennium
Hindustan Lever (B): The Reality Check

Hindustan Lever (C): Delivering The Desired Results

Ulrich Steger, Aileen Ionescu-Somers and Wolfgang Ammann
IMD - International Institute for Management Development
Ref IMD-2-0122, IMD-2-0123, IMD-2-0124

2nd prize

Migros: Sustainable supply chain strategy (A): Working with WWF and Proforest towards a palm oil standard (Case Series A & B)
Ref 606-045-1 
Migros: Sustainable supply chain strategy (B): Establishing a global sustainable palm oil standard

Ref 606-046-1
Jens Hamprecht, University of St. Gallen
Daniel Corsten, London Business School

3rd prize

Kimpton Hotels: Balancing Strategy and Environmental Sustainability 
Murray Silverman and Tom Thomas
College of Business, San Francisco State University


Care Kenya: Making Social Enterprise Sustainable
Tima Bansal and Tom Ewart
Ivey School of Business
Ref 9B05M056 
Sustainability and Environmental Standards: Seeking Competitive Distinction at Damai Lovina Villas
Nicole Darnall, George Mason University
Mark Milstein, Cornell University

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