oikos Sustainability Case Writing Competition 2007

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1st prize

Seventh Generation: Balancing Customer Expectations with Supply Chain Realities
Michael V. Russo and Dan Goldstein
University of Oregon, USA

2nd prize

City Water Tanzania (Case Series A,B,C,D)
Kevin McKague
York University, Toronto, Canada

3rd prize

The Body Shop: Social Responsibility or Sustained Greenwashing?
Rajiv Fernando and Debapratim Purkayastha
ICMR Center for Management Research


Transforming the global fishing Industry - The Marine Stewardship Council at full sail?
Alexander Nick, Ulrich Steger, Oliver Salzmann and Aileen Ionescu-Somers
IMD Lausanne, Switzerland
Ref IMD-2-0083
TEMBEC inc. - Creating Value by Managing Stakeholder Tension
Tima Bansal and Tom Ewart
Ivey School of Business, Canada
Ref 9B05M051

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