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Make your classroom come alive

Students in classLearning with cases is exhilarating, inspiring and fun. Case teachers frequently hear from students years after graduation who still remember the cases and case method sessions that provided the philosophical, theoretical and practical bedrock for their subsequent management careers.

What is a case?

Cases describe real-life business situations. Usually the main character in the case is facing a tricky challenge or decision. Class participants discuss possible solutions and analyse the pros and cons of various approaches to the problem.

Small group discussionA powerful teaching tool

The case method is an incredibly powerful teaching tool and is widely used at leading business schools across the globe. Cases work in the classroom to:

  • challenge assumptions
  • overcome prejudices
  • test theories
  • debate solutions
  • develop work and life skills
  • enhance employability.

Supporting students

Learning with cases can be a challenging experience for students. Our Learning with Cases: An Interactive Study Guide takes students through the process, providing practical tips, tricks and tools. Find out more.

We also offer a downloadable info sheet to give students a head start in the classroom.

Lessons remembered for life

Student with hand upWithin the context of real-life decision-making students learn business and management theory while at the same time developing a wide range of vital skills. These include negotiation, analysis, defending and challenging viewpoints, team and lone working, and the ability to guard against making decisions based on too little information. 

Here to help

We’re here to support you in any way we can. If you would like advice about introducing case teaching at your organisation, or finding and ordering teaching material, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help. In addition, you may be interested in:

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