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Incorporation of technology into cases

Incorporation of technology into cases
Gina Vega, editor of The CASE Journal, and Rebecca Morris, past president of NACRA, are engaged in a long-term examination of the potential for incorporating technology into more traditional case writing formats, as well as the impact of technology on student learning. Their experiments have led them to some emergent theoretical perspectives which they wish to concretize with empirical results. The survey below will help them to get a better feel for what case users want vis-à-vis technology as well as some of the more critical concerns that students, instructors, and case purchasers express about the development and use of technological components in case learning.

For more information about the project please contact Gina e gvega@salemstate.edu

Complete the survey

Please note that none of the fields on the survey are mandatory but we would appreciate it if you could provide as much information as possible.

Your details

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Skill level with technology:
not really comfortable
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Your comments on technology

Question Not at all Disagree somewhat No opinion Agree somewhat Very much so
Technology associates learning with fun
Technology provides an opportunity to collaborate with colleagues
There is insufficient technical support at my school to incorporate technology into my cases
It costs too much to incorporate technology
It is easy to use development tools
I feel comfortable with technology
Students have insufficient technological expertise
Multimedia cases are not perceived as scholarly
A focus on visuals supersedes a focus on content
Technology makes it harder for students to sustain their focus
Students do not have access to the right hardware
It takes too long to add technology to my cases

Please list below some phrases that describe your perception of the learning value of cases


Please list below some benefits and drawbacks for students in the use of technology in cases



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