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The Case Centre’s Connect newsletter is sent to over 43,300 subscribers worldwide. It is a unique way to highlight cases to business educators around the globe.

How many cases are featured?

Five issues of Connect are published each year (January, April, June, September and November), plus an awards special each February/March. Each regular issue includes four featured cases.

Are there any requirements for a featured case?

All featured cases must comply with our editorial guidelines.

Cases must:

  • be a recently written (no more than two years old) teaching case with a well-written accompanying teaching note
  • be written in high quality English
  • be well structured and clearly presented
  • articulate an issue, decision, problem or opportunity
  • clearly identify a protagonist and supporting actors
  • be relevant to management education issues
  • be distributed by The Case Centre.

How do I request that my case be featured?

Email Antoinette Mills including:

  • your full name and contact details
  • the title and reference numbers of the case, teaching note and any supplementary material that you would like to be featured
  • why you think that your case would be of interest to Connect readers.
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