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Mastering multimedia at IE Business School

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Creating a buzz

Creativity, innovation and intellectual rigour

Creativity, innovation and intellectual rigour are at the heart of IE Business School’s multimedia approach to teaching and learning, creating a buzz and excitement that teachers and students alike find hard to resist.


Says Martin Rodriguez, Director IE Publishing: ‘IE Business School has been producing multimedia materials since 2001. We have developed hundreds of multimedia cases, tutorials, apps and simulations for all management areas that are popularly used in our classrooms and by many other institutions around the world.

‘This is a challenging project but has the most important reward: very positive feedback from students and professors.’

Rigorous development process

IEMaterials are developed in-house at IE Business School with meticulous attention to detail. An initial conceptualization stage involves in-depth meetings between the project manager and a professor at the school who together define the learning objectives and how they can best be achieved.

Under the guidance of the project manager, a team of dedicated programmers and designers then transform the concept into reality. The extensive quality control and testing process includes pilot sessions with IE students before the materials are finalised and made available for use by schools worldwide.

Comprehensive collection

IEThe school’s multimedia material, a selection of which is now available from The Case Centre, is suitable for both online and face-to-face courses and covers the full range of management topics, including:

  • Accounting and Management Control
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Strategy
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Operations and Technology
  • Economic Environment
  • Human Resources and Organisational Behaviour
  • Information Systems and Technologies

Typically, the content will include multimedia cases, tutorials, simulations, online business games, videos, animations, interactive graphs and exercises. New materials will be added in the coming months to offer an even wider selection of interactive resources. All the content is online and easy to incorporate into teaching programmes - once purchased simply upload a web link to access the selected materials.

Cutting edge innovation

Strong commitment


‘One of the pillars at IE is innovation,’ says IE Business School Dean Santiago Iñiguez, ‘and as a consequence we have a strong commitment to the development of cutting edge and high standard learning materials, multimedia materials and simulations.

‘We are delighted that The Case Centre is now distributing these resources and hope that many students and universities can take advantage of them.’

Read an interview with Martin Rodriguez about the IE Business School’s Department of Multimedia Content Development.

View the multimedia materials now available from The Case Centre


Here are a few examples of the materials that have been developed by IE Business School:

The Entrepreneurial Journey of a Manager

This interactive case follows an entrepreneur and her team during the management buy-in (MBI) of an internationally well-known Spanish jewellery company. Students can follow the milestones of the company through an interactive timeline, understand the current situation through graphics and charts and follow the analysis of the stakeholders in video interviews.

The Marketing Plan

This multimedia tutorial guides students through preparing a marketing plan for their business. With the help of a real example (Whisky DYC) the different components of the marketing plan are explained, from the business mission and vision to the expected results and control mechanisms.

Bonds: Long-Term Liabilities

This tutorial considers the use of bonds as financial instruments. Through the use of a depreciation calculator and a practical case example, students can analyse depreciation schedules and journal entries to better understand this financing option.

Transparent Oil: Petro Industry Goes Social 

This multimedia case presents the negotiation process between Repsol YPF and Intermon Oxfam over the issue of transparent accounting. Students take on the role of Repsol or Oxfam in a negotiation role play and a multimedia platform enables comparison of the negotiation results.

Rogers Stirk Harbour and Partners

This interactive multimedia case describes the redundancy process carried out by the architectural studio, Rogers Stirk Harbour and Partners, in 2009. The case focuses on how this prominent company, well known for having a close-knit, employee-orientated culture, managed this process. 

World Oil Prices: An Economic Approach

This introduces the basic tools of supply and demand. Students are presented with a series of historical events that affected the price of oil on the world market from 1970-2013. They can then predict the effects on price by shifting the curves on a traditional supply and demand model.


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