How to create and manage a case collection

We asked Steve Momper, Director for Darden Business Publishing at the Darden School of Business, for some hints and tips on creating and managing a case collection.

Full support

dardenThe most important piece of advice is to make sure you have the full support of the school administration and the faculty. Even at a school such as Darden, where cases are an integral part of the curriculum, faculty have little spare time to write cases.

Darden faculty members have to teach classes, publish research, serve on committees, etc. If your school is truly committed to starting a case collection, then you should make sure resources are available to support it. At a minimum, this includes case writing and editing resources. Ideally, faculty who write cases should be recognised for their work, but in reality, very few schools recognise faculty for case writing.

Alt textPre-publication vetting

Darden Business Publishing does not use an editorial board to review cases prior to adding them to the collection. However, cases that carry the Darden brand must be authored by Darden faculty, and must be taught in a Darden classroom prior to publication. Once the case is successfully taught at Darden, we feel it has been sufficiently vetted for publication. We have a set style and layout for cases to conform with our Darden branding.


We distribute cases through The Case Centre for two main reasons: global coverage and expertise in cases. The Case Centre reaches many parts of the globe with its extensive distribution network. Also, the marketing team at The Case Centre have unmatched experience in the higher education case market.

Secondarily, Darden works with The Case Centre because they are very easy to work with. The logistics involved with delivering Darden’s content and metadata to The Case Centre is simple and streamlined, and we also receive prompt, complete, and accurate sales reports.


The most challenging aspect of managing a case collection is keeping the pipeline of products full. The competing demands on faculty time means that new products may not always be a priority. Frequently, when a new product does come along, faculty are primarily interested in its publication for their class, so publishing the accompanying teaching note is an even greater challenge.Alt text

The only way Darden has been able keep the pipeline filled with new products and teaching notes is due to the dedication of the Darden faculty and the tremendous support of Darden’s administration.

Further help

There is a lot of help available to anyone thinking of setting up a case collection. Business case publishing is a relatively small industry, but if you ask one of the case collection managers for help, they are always willing.

Steve Momper is Director for Darden Business Publishing.

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