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SpiceThe Case Centre is known for its world leading collection of over 46,000* cases in business, management, public policy and government administration, at thecasecentre.org. But were you aware of the other 33,000 items available to enrich your classroom: management articles, audio-visual items, books, chapters, instructor materials and much more?


When Maria Andrea De Villa Correa, Assistant Professor of Strategy and International Business at EAFIT University, Colombia, prepares a class at home or for teaching abroad, she is aware of the ever higher requirements she needs to meet in teaching quality and student demand. “With multinational classes, and students with the full spectrum of experience, putting together the right mix of relevant materials to engage and stimulate them is always challenging,” she says. A committed case teacher, she also likes to augment her sessions with a variety of other items: “I particularly like to find interactive items such as videos to complement cases, which help students connect with reality; while the right articles and book chapters can provide vital analytical support as they assimilate the underlying theory.”

Articles - flexibility, validation and variety

Our collection includes no fewer than 8,800 articles from leading international management journals and newsletters. Graham Clark, Full-Time MBA Academic Director at Cranfield School of Management, likes to use management articles in his teaching mix and feels they often complement case studies as a flexible tool, while adding variety: “Pre-class, articles provide direction for students’ preparation and a useful basis for the classroom debate to follow, while used post-class, they can validate and reinforce the messages of the session. Carefully selected articles can build an effective link between the theory and what organisations are doing, often providing more focus, while the case study may look at broader issues.”

Books - building skills

The books available at thecasecentre.org/books are written by experts in the case method to help readers at all levels of experience teach with, or write, cases better, and also their participants to learn with them. All books are practical in style and include exercises and materials to develop skills for everyone involved in the case process. The Case Centre also runs a variety of workshops at locations worldwide to support case authors and teachers.

Cases - foundation of effective classes

Product search on our website gives access to 46,000 cases from collections of institutions across the world: from ANSZOG – The Australia and New Zealand School of Government, to Harvard Business Publishing, USA, to INSEAD, France, Abu Dhabi and Singapore, to Tata MacGraw-Hill Education (India), to Tecnológico de Monterrey, Mexico, to Wits Business School, South Africa – to highlight just six of the worldwide 40 institutions represented, plus cases by individual authors. The majority of cases are available for immediate inspection, order and download. The variety of subjects, length, geographical location and business scenario means a suitable case can be found for every class. Brand new cases are constantly added ensuring topical subjects are always available. There are also ‘classic cases’ that have stood the test of time, still recommended by teachers worldwide. There is generally a cost for each case copy ordered, and The Case Centre also has a selection of ‘free cases’.

To help case selection, thecasecentre.org features new cases that share the experience of their authors writing and teaching them thecasecentre.org/featuredcases. Understanding our online search facility at thecasecentre.org/search is important for identifying the best case for your purpose or class. You can input criteria including subject, discipline, author, location, instructor material availability, or whether cases have won awards. Regular email updates are available from The Case Centre on new cases. For all issues related to product search, info@thecasecentre.org is always a friendly first port of call.

Chapters - extracting management knowledge

More than 3,400 individual chapters from business and management education books are available for preview and delivery from The Case Centre. Publishers include: Business Expert Press (49 books), Harvard Business Press (186 books), McGraw-Hill Education (14 books), McGraw-Hill Professional (45 books). Book chapters can be found for every management area and the Harvard Business Press collection also includes chapters on teaching and the case method.

DVDs / video clips - bringing ‘reality’ into class

A DVD or video clip is a popular way to bring a case alive with a touch of ‘real life’ such as people talking about the issues raised. Our collection of DVDs and video clips offers unprecedented choice for teachers. A new addition is the Prendismo collection of more than 15,000 two-minute video clips from experts covering more than 200 topics on business, leadership and entrepreneurship. Our members can sign up to gain free access, enabling teachers to ‘bring the expert into the classroom’. we remain focused on extending the choice of media and audio-visual items. Keep checking for more new materials.

Instructor Materials - enhancing case effectiveness

Case writers increasingly recognise that support materials help class preparation - and make their cases more attractive to teachers. In fact, while 51% of cases had a teaching note, 66% of cases ordered in 2011 had one, indicating the support teachers appreciate. The Case Centre's collection includes more than 19,500 instructor items, with appropriate restrictions on who can access them. These items are mostly teaching notes, or PowerPoint presentations, and will appear as ‘related products’ in case descriptions, but can also be searched for in their own right. Several hundred software items to accompany particular cases are also available.

Multimedia cases - a complete teaching solution

Almost 200 multimedia cases are available at The Case Centre. Lynn A Isabella, Associate Professor of Business Administration at the University of Virginia, Darden School of Business, is an experienced author of multimedia cases and uses such items in her Darden classes and on international teaching assignments. The school has led the way by investing in specialist people and facilities to develop multimedia cases to the highest quality standards - many prize winning - something Lynn regards as particularly important today when the young audience is so technically savvy and expects sophisticated interactivity. “Multimedia cases are very expensive to produce,” she says, “but students love them - not only reading, but seeing and hearing - and especially how they can see the impact of their management decisions straight away through the interactive aspect. The beauty of a good multimedia case is that it is a ‘one stop shop’. The elements have been specially selected for the case and an extensive teaching note helps the teacher integrate the multimedia elements into his/her own pedagogy, still giving the flexibility to tailor the case to the particular audience.”

Mixing skills

With so many items available, achieving the right mix in teaching requires additional skill on the part of the teacher. Nirmalya Kumar, Professor of Marketing at London Business School, is a multi award-winning case author and teacher. To explore the flexibility of one case in different teaching situations he authored Aldi: The Hard Discount Phenomenon with Professor Daniel Corsten: “I was interested in seeing how one could write a case that could be employed for multiple teaching purposes,” he writes in an inspirational article which describes how the case can be varied to suit many different participant groups and disciplines through the addition of supplementary items such as articles and books. With help from the riches of The Case Centre's collection, teachers can rise to the challenge of the most demanding class with a stimulating and unique pedagogical tool kit.

1 All collection figures quoted correct as at 1 September 2012.

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