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Case method features

Diversity and cases The late Debapratim Purkayastha's thoughts on response strategies to teaching amidst the COVID-19 challenges
June 2021
On 7 May 2021 COVID-19 claimed the life of one of the world's greatest case method experts, Professor Debapratim Purkayastha of ICFAI Business School (IBS).
Leap of faith Leap of faith: reflections on the switch to online teaching during the pandemic
June 2021
A year ago, we explored how to get case teaching online – quickly. How did it go and what was learned?
Diversity and cases Diversity and Cases: Content and Class
April 2021
In the previous issue of Connect, (Diversity and Cases: Context) we investigated how business schools worldwide are addressing issues of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging on an institutional level. In Part 2, our global panel of researchers and educators contribute their insights into pedagogical issues that arise. We consider teaching materials, especially cases, classroom dynamics, and how schools are supporting this evolving imperative.
Berkeley Haas DEI focused Case Compendium
Online case teaching survey 2021: the results
April 2021
As part of #WorldCaseTeachingDay 2021 The Case Centre invited business and management educators worldwide to share their experiences of moving case teaching online during the COVID-19 pandemic. The results are in!
Diversity and cases Diversity in cases: Part 1 - Context
January 2021
Over two articles, in conversation with researchers, educators and school leaders from across the globe, we address and examine the underrepresentation of people of diverse backgrounds, of subjects, and environments in teaching cases. Part 1 explores the context of these issues.
Berkeley Haas DEI focused Case Compendium
Discover the Berkeley Haas DEI focused Case Compendium
January 2021
The Case Compendium was developed by the Center for Equity, Gender & Leadership (EGAL) at UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business as part of its mission to educate Equity Fluent Leaders™ to ignite and accelerate change.
Webinar takeaways: a student guide to getting started with cases Webinar takeaways: a student guide to getting started with cases
November 2020
In September 2020, The Case Centre held a free webinar for students who are new to cases. Led by case expert Scott Andrews (University of Worcester, UK), we reflect on some of the key takeaways from the workshop.
Introducing the Case Focus journal
Introducing the Case Focus journal
November 2020
In September 2020, The Case Centre released the inaugural edition of Case Focus, a peer reviewed journal for teaching cases set across the Middle East and Africa (MEA) region.
How schools stimulate, support and sustain case development How schools stimulate, support and sustain case development
September 2020
What does investment in resources to support case development or start a case collection look like, and what are the practical considerations? What benefits accrue for faculty, students and the school?
Webinar takeaways Webinar takeaways: moving case teaching online quickly - best practice
September 2020
Earlier this year, The Case Centre responded to the global coronavirus pandemic with a series of free webinars on how to move case teaching online. Here we recap some of the key takeaways from our workshop tutor, Angela Lee (Columbia Business School). Angela is Professor of Practice and Associate Dean for Innovative and Online Learning, regularly delivering courses to both students and faculty online.
Webinar takeaways Webinar takeaways: moving your case teaching online
June 2020
In April 2020 workshop tutors Martin Kupp (ESCP Business School) and Urs Mueller (SDA Bocconi School of Management and ESMT Berlin) facilitated a free webinar designed to support case teachers in their move to online case teaching due to the global Coronavirus pandemic. Here we recap some of the key takeaways from the webinar.
Getting case teaching online quickly Getting case teaching online quickly
June 2020
Recently, The Case Centre has been exploring the challenges of getting case teaching online. Who could have foreseen how facilitating remote learning would become a matter of urgency as Covid-19 forced university and business school campuses to close? Here, we learn from faculty who have successfully achieved the rapid switch to teaching all classes online.
Nurturingexcellentcases Nurturing excellent cases
April 2020
Connect investigates what contributes to the development of successful cases. We talked to first-time award winners and to teachers of case writing to find out how case authors can be supported.
Teaching with cases online - the current landscape Teaching with cases online - practical and pedagogical considerations 
November 2019
In part one of this feature series, we explored the growing trend towards online courses and programmes, in particular those that teach with cases. With our global panel of experts, we look closer here at some of the pedagogical issues and learning design challenges involved in making online case teaching an effective reality.
Teaching with cases online - the current landscape Teaching with cases online - the current landscape
September 2019
In a two-part feature series, we explore teaching with cases online with the help of faculty and learning technology experts from around the world.
Preparing students to learn with cases Preparing students to learn with cases
June 2019
Case writing and case teaching are much taught and written about. Less frequently shared is how to induct participants into case pedagogy, and help them to learn with the method – yet it is vitally important to its success.
Embedding the case method and accreditation Embedding the case method and accreditation – focus on Africa and the Middle East
April 2019
We explore with regional experts the potential and unique role for cases, and how they might play a part for institutions on the path to accreditation.
High school curriculum case method impact Working with case writers
January 2019
In conversation with faculty, case schools, publishers, and professional case writers from around the world, we explore how case writers work with authors to support the development of a case.
High school curriculum case method impact The increasing popularity of translated cases
November 2018
With sales of non-English language cases steadily increasing, we look at which languages are most popular, and explore why case publishing schools are translating their cases.
High school curriculum case method impact High school curriculum case method impact
November 2018
In Cincinnati, Ohio, “edupreneur” Mary Welsh Schlueter is transforming the learning of K-12 (kindergarten to 12th grade) students with a little help from the case method.
Preparing to teach Preparing to teach a case class
September 2018
In this series of two feature articles, we examine the preparation for case teaching, with the help of instructors from across the globe. In Part 2 – Preparing to teach a case class, again assisted by our global panel of experts, we drill down into the many micro issues of pedagogical and practical preparation for a class.
AASCB Advancing the case method in Africa
September 2018
As part of The Case Centre’s commitment to advancing the case method worldwide, we teamed up with AASCB and their Global Improvement Network’s (GIN) pilot program.
Learning with Cases Guiding students through the case method
June 2018
The Case Centre has launched a new online tool for students. Learning with Cases: An Interactive Study Guide is designed to take students through the process, providing practical tips, tricks and tools.
Preparing to teach with cases Preparing to teach with cases
June 2018
In this series of two articles, we examine the issues around preparing to teach with cases with the help of instructors from across the globe. In Part 1 - Laying the foundations, we looked at the macro issues: why an educator might want to teach with cases, and the implications and requirements for the teacher, the students and the school.
World’s favourite case companies World’s favourite case companies
April 2018
Some companies and industries are especially popular case subjects: we explore.
Woman looking at a mountain to climb The Gender Case Gap
January 2018
We explore the lack of women in teaching cases, its impact on business students and the challenge posed for educators.
Richard McCracken Richard McCracken’s top 10 case writing tips
January 2018
Over a series of blogs in November and December 2017, Richard McCracken, The Case Centre Director, ran through his top 10 case writing tips.
Sailboat on the ocean Contextualising the Use of Cases
September 2017
Even at business schools renowned for teaching with the case method, it is unusual for instructors to only teach with cases. So how is the pedagogical decision arrived at as to when to use a case? What context is necessary for cases to work to their full potential?
Babson campus The Case Centre turns 25 in North America
April 2017
25 years ago the inaugural Board Meeting of the ECCH at Babson Ltd (now The Case Centre) in Wellesley, Massachusetts, marked the official launch of the organisation’s US office.
technology in classes
Managing Student Personal Tech in the Case Classroom
April 2017
The website of almost any business school features classroom images of students, many with laptops open. But ubiquitous personal electronic devices create dilemmas, especially for case classes. Participants at a recent case teaching workshop identified this as one of their major classroom challenges. We explore international faculty experiences.
Using cases with undergraduates - an exploration
April 2017
“Undergraduate classes are too big and students lack the necessary experience for an effective case discussion” - just two often cited reasons as to why not to teach with cases below master’s level. Nevertheless, over the past five years, The Case Centre has seen a significant growth in orders destined for the undergraduate classroom. Many instructors are now regularly using cases with this student group and finding that they can play a particularly useful role in enabling learning, that other methods cannot. We spoke to faculty from across the globe.
Look out
Re-stating the case
April 2017
How revisiting the case method’s historical development can help us think differently about case teaching and the future of business schools.
Assessing participation in case classes - the issues
January 2017
In the second of two articles, we continue to explore how educators worldwide approach assessing student participation in class, and share their hints and tips for best practice in this challenging area.
Assessing participation in case classes - the issues
January 2017
In today’s digital world, it is easier than ever before to reuse and redistribute content, but copyright legislation varies across the world, and has advanced far more slowly than technology. We used to think that copyright for written works was only of interest to publishers and authors, but this is no longer true.
Assessing participation in case classes - the issues
November 2016
The class discussion is an integral part of the case method. In this first of two articles, we look through the eyes of case educators worldwide at the issues around assessing student participation in class.
The Case Project
November 2016
A desire to ‘mix things up a little bit’ led Brent Beal of the University of Texas at Tyler to involve his students in writing cases rather than simply studying them.
Mastering multimedia at IE Business School
September 2016
Creativity, innovation and intellectual rigour are at the heart of IE Business School’s multimedia approach to teaching and learning, creating a buzz and excitement that teachers and students alike find hard to resist.
Scholarship success: expert insights
June 2016
We expect a lot from our Case Writing Scholarship recipients – and that's why we ensure they get the very best support from leading experts along the way.
Students competing with cases
June 2016
Student case competitions and challenges are a vibrant and thriving worldwide phenomenon in the annual business and management education campus calendar. We wanted to find out their objectives and how they came into being. Who runs them and who participates? How are they funded and judged? What difference do they make to those who take part and what is learned along the way?
Problem-based learning and the case method
April 2016
An explosion in demand for cases about the challenges and opportunities that face family businesses in China has led to the creation of a dedicated research centre at CEIBS (China Europe International Business School).
April 2016
The idea that future employers – rather than students themselves – are the prime ‘customers’ of education, is taking hold worldwide.
Problem-based learning and the case method
January 2016
What does problem-based learning (PBL) offer in management education, and how does it relate to teaching with cases?
Supporting educators: new case websites from INSEAD give educators extra teaching materials
November 2015
We asked Steve Momper, Director for Darden Business Publishing at the Darden School of Business, for some hints and tips on creating and managing a case collection.
Supporting educators: new case websites from INSEAD give educators extra teaching materials
November 2015
Strategies to prevent violence and promote peace building are the focus of a new collection of free cases created by Medical Peace Work, a European partnership of medical organisations and teaching institutions.
Supporting educators: new case websites from INSEAD give educators extra teaching materials
September 2015
In June 2014, Harvard Business School entered the digital learning platform market with HBX CORe, an online programme using cases to teach the fundamentals of business to selected college students and recent company recruits. We revisit this pedagogical experiment that we first wrote about a year ago at the time of its launch.
The case method and school rankings
June 2015
We explore rankings and the issues around trying to evaluate the case classroom.
Supporting educators: new case websites from INSEAD give educators extra teaching materials
April 2015
We talk to case authors and instructors across the globe about developing cases without field research.
January 2015
Recent years have seen a growing demand for ‘local’ cases. We explore what constitutes a local case for authors and instructors, and investigate this evolving trend.
Supporting educators: new case websites from INSEAD give educators extra teaching materials
September 2014
INSEAD’s innovative new case websites offer educators free access to previously unavailable original materials for their teaching.
Revealed: the true extent of gender imbalance in cases
‘Think manager – think male’ is the unspoken mantra that still pervades business education, says Lesley Symons in her recently published thesis, Where are the Women Leaders?
Making cases work online
June 2014
How can cases work in the online space? How do they need to be adapted? How does the teaching differ? Is it possible to translate fundamental pedagogical elements, such as a live class discussion, into an online format?
From Ivey to Africa…inspirational case teaching
April 2014
An inspirational project that enables Ivey Business School students to teach their peers in African business schools using the case method.
To MOOC or not to MOOC
April 2014
Many business schools have yet to decide whether to offer a MOOC (Massive Online Open Course). We explore the issues.
Lights, camera, action! Babson College transforms case teaching notes for the 21st century
January 2014
Two case writers at Babson College, US, have re-written the script when it comes to teaching notes.
View from the top: The case method past, present & future
January 2014
As part of our 40th anniversary celebrations we asked leaders of business schools worldwide for their perspectives on the case method: where has it come from and what are the challenges it faces today and tomorrow?
Learning with cases - what's involved?
September 2013
Is it the case or the class that determines the learning? What role does emotion play and how can schools help participants get the most from a case class?
From contact to collaborator: selling the benefits of case writing
September 2013
You have a great idea for a case, but how do you sell your idea and persuade your contact to take part?
Teaching with cases - what's involved?
June 2013
Ever more instructors are selecting the case method. We have gathered perspectives from leading proponents worldwide as to how best to approach and support teaching with cases.
Cases in companies
April 2013
Teaching the virtually real case study Sabine Emad and Wade Halvorson discuss their winning entry to our first Innovation in Case Teaching competition.
Writing cases
April 2013
Are you considering developing a teaching case? In the first of a series of three features on Writing, Teaching and Learning with Cases, we look at the issues.
Cases in companies
January 2013
We explore how corporate organisations are using cases and the benefits.
Teaching mix
September 2012
We are known for our world leading collection of over 46,000 cases, but were you aware of the other 33,000 items available to enrich your classroom?
Classic cases
April 2012
As we publish the latest compilation of 'classic cases' we look at why some cases remain popular.
The Case Writing Workbook
March 2012
In 2013 a new style of case writing book will be published and we would like you to get involved.
Developing countries on the case
January 2012
Emerging economies are discovering benefits of using the case method in management education. We investigate.
September 2011
Business schools and universities are under pressure to demonstrate excellence in both teaching and research. In our latest feature we explore whether the case method could be an effective means of doing both.
Man with megaphone
March 2011
We look at the cross-disciplinary curriculum from Babson College’s Mary Gentile that provides a new approach to teaching people how to respond to ethical conflicts at work.
October 2010
We explore ways in which case activity can contribute to accreditation and provide a checklist of measures which may help schools integrate them more fully to their advantage.
University challenge
July 2010
Why are cases useful and what are the needs of this audience? Are there practical issues to consider and are the right cases available? We spoke to teachers worldwide about their experiences in the undergraduate classroom.
Companies signpost
July 2010
Cases need willing companies. Every field researched case involves significant time input, not just from the authors, but also from the subject organisation. So why would any company go to all this trouble?
November 2009
A vast selection of teaching cases are available in our catalogue, yet certain cases are ordered and reordered much more often than others. We investigate the facts behind why cases sell.
Getting credit
November 2009
Case authors and teachers often feel that there is too little formal recognition for their work. We investigate.
July 2009
We surveyed a cross section of business schools worldwide to gauge the levels and types of support available to case authors and the issues they face.
July 2009
Guidance about writing, finding and using teaching notes.
Stop sign
July 2009
Final drafts of field researched cases must be cleared by the subject company with permission to release them for registration and distribution. This is not currently required for teaching notes. A debate has emerged.
December 2008
According to the Harvard Business Publishing website, the multimedia case study “unleashes the power of video, sound, and computer simulation to bring home the circumstances of the industrial setting.” Interest in multimedia cases is growing. We look at what’s on offer and where multimedia cases are being developed today.
Quo vadis
June 2008
One hundred years after the foundation of Harvard Business School, what shape is the case method in today?
December 2007
A new book,The Case Study Handbook, opens the door to learning with cases, allowing instructors to focus on teaching the case.
Michael Faye cartoon
May 2007
Professor Bill Fischer and Research Associate Rebecca Chung of IMD explore their new case approaches.
May 2007
Professor Martin J Eppler and Dr Jeanne Mengis of the University of Lugano (USI), Switzerland discuss their innovative approach to dual version cases.
Innovation Pentathlon Framework
October 2006
Keith Goffin, Professor of Innovation and New Product Development and Rick Mitchell, Visiting Professor of Innovation at Cranfield School of Management, discuss cases in the teaching mix.
Beyond the case method
May 2006
We explore some of the many approaches to using cases in different teaching contexts, including executive education and distance learning. This article considers the influence of the case method in its original form.
May 2006
Professor Paul Beamish of Ivey explores the innovative, entire enterprise approach of the new FirstCaribbean International Bank case series.
Field research
July 2005
Field-researched case studies are a powerful way of adding to the research credentials of business management. We explore.
Participant-centred learning
July 2005
In an interview with Professor David A Garvin we investigate an innovative new CD set from Harvard Business School to guide case teachers.

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