Free Chilean entrepreneurship cases from Babson College

Building on its entrepreneurial legacy to advance entrepreneurial thought and action for the world, Babson College partnered with Banco de Chile to immerse twenty faculty members from ten Chilean universities into the rigorous art of entrepreneurship case writing and teaching.

The intensive program, which took place from June 2009 to January 2010, has culminated with the publication of the first Chilean entrepreneurship teaching case collection. Heidi M. Neck, Faculty Director and Jeffry A. Timmons Professor of Entrepreneurial Studies, led the program. Babson professors Dennis Ceru, Brad George, Mary Gentile, and Andrew Zacharakis worked with each Chilean case team.

The program was graciously funded by Banco de Chile; therefore, all cases in the Chilean collection are free to use for educational purposes.

Faculty from the following Chilean institutions participated:

  • Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
  • Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso
  • Universidad Adolfo Ibañez
  • Universidad de los Andes
  • Universidad Católica del Norte
  • Universidad del Desarrollo
  • Universidad Diego Portales
  • Universidad de Santiago de Chile
  • Universidad de Talca
  • Universidad de Tarapacá

Accessing the free cases

The eleven cases are available free, in English and Spanish, to registered educators at Click on a case title below to access its record.

Case front page Amaru - Native Spirit from Araucanian Llamas
Brad George, Camilo Drago and Soledad Etchebarne
Babson College
Ref 461-C10
Spanish translation
Ref 461-C10E
Case front page Coastal Wine: 'A Mystery Hides Along Chile's Pacific Coast...'
Dennis J Ceru, Francisca Cibie and Hans Berner
Babson College
Ref 462-C10
Spanish translation

Ref 462-C10E
Case front page Compumat: Math That Can't Add
Dennis J Ceru, Andres Ibanez and Gustavo Maturana
Babson College
Ref 463-C10
Spanish translation

Ref 463-C10E
Case front page Coops Model at the Universidad Del Desarrollo
Mary Gentile and Maria Eugenia Puentes Rojas
Babson College
Ref 464-C10
Spanish translation

Ref 464-C10E
Case front page Cory: An Austrian Pastry Company
Andrew Zacharakis, Romina Espindola and Francisco Castaneda
Babson College
Ref 465-C10
Spanish translation

Ref 465-C10E
Case front page Ernestina Company
Dennis J Ceru, Maria Cristina Alfred and Maria Paz Terraz
Babson College
Ref 466-C10
Spanish translation

Ref 466-C10E
Case front page Fesanco
Bradley George, Orlando De la Vega and Rodrigo Vergara
Babson College
Ref 467-C10
Spanish translation

Ref 467-C10E
Case front page Malpo: Building The Future
Mary Gentile, Victor Nocetti and Patricio Sanchez
Babson College
Ref 468-C10
Spanish translation

Ref 468-C10E
Case front page Roberto Cifuentes
Brad George, Gianni Romani and Carolina Rojas
Babson College
Ref 469-C10
Spanish translation

Ref 469-C10E
Case front page Veronica Jaramillo at a Crossroads (A)
Mary Gentile, Francisca Sinn and Sebastian Errazuriz
Babson College
Ref 470-C10A
Spanish translation

Ref 470-C10AE
Case front page Veronica Jaramillo at a Crossroads (B)
Mary Gentile, Francisca Sinn and Sebastian Errazuriz
Babson College
Ref 470-C10B
Spanish translation

Ref 470-C10BE


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Babson faculty members infuse their intellectual capital into their academic programs with teaching cases. These cases promote their teaching method of combining entrepreneurship theory and practice. Most of the cases include teaching notes and more than one-half include a video of the entrepreneur visiting a Babson class while the case is being discussed.