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Free cases from Collarts

Australian College of the Arts

The Australian College of the Arts (‘Collarts’) is an Australian-based higher education provider that offers courses in Music Performance, Audio Production and Creative Industries Management. The Collarts Music Organisation Case Studies explore the perennial tensions that arise within music organisations. All the cases are free to use and feedback is welcome.

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Managing Organizations in the Creative Economy


The Australian College of the Arts’ Paul Saintilan, who has authored all six of the free cases distributed by The Case Centre, has published a textbook that brings organizational theory to life through cases.

Managing Organizations in the Creative Economy introduces organizational behaviour theories and applies them to the creative world, with the text underpinned by the latest research, theoretical insights and cases, including five from this collection, in creative industries management.

This unique textbook, which is co-authored by David Schreiber, can be purchased in either paperback or hardback format via Routledge here.

Collarts free cases

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The management of creative processes, artist relations, organisational culture and values, and leadership are explored in this case which follows the story of a fictitious tempestuous operatic soprano who erupts, nearly killing an intern and engulfing the opera company in crisis.

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Should the artistic leader of a music organisation select artists and repertoire based on their own personal taste? Is it natural and inevitable or an unprofessional indulgence? This case explores issues such as artistic decision-making, artistic programming, personal taste and artistic leadership.

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Did You Find the Voice of God in Data?
J.F. Cecillon and Paul Saintilan
Ref ACA03-13

This case explores topics such as new product development, market research, data analytics, social media, ecommerce data and audience feedback. Can data analytics be used to help guide the new creative work of a record label’s biggest stars? Or is great art simply ‘magic’, something that can’t be analysed and adapted to meet audience preferences?

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How can artistic administrators and marketing professionals work together effectively? Who is to blame when things go wrong? What causes tensions between these two groups and how can this be resolved? Or is conflict inevitable?

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The International Meeting
Paul Saintilan and Michael Smellie
Ref ACA05-13

Does centralisation work for multi-national record labels? If something works in Norway, will it work in France? This case explores organisational tensions that arise between head offices and branches, the arguments for and against centralisation, and the validity of pursuing local priorities.

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Is government funding of leading non-profit music organisations vitally important or dysfunctional? Should the health of the economy be taken into account when deciding? How did the arts flourish before government funding was introduced? In this case, students are introduced to both sides of the debate and are encouraged to critique the arguments for and against government support.

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Set in an old television studio, Collarts is a dynamic and creative learning space full of energy, passion and opportunity.

The warehouse-style campus has top-notch facilities and students are encouraged to pursue excellence and innovation through creativity, critical reflection, individual endeavour, exploration and experimentation, unconstrained by style or genre and informed by scholarship and best practice. Collarts values its artistic and academic integrity, as well as its engagement with the entertainment industry and its leading practitioners.

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