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Workshop: Mastering Multimedia Cases

4 July 2018 at IMD, Switzerland

Please note that as this event is complete we are no longer taking any bookings for it.

Are you interested in teaching or creating a multimedia case but aren’t sure how to go about it? Would you like to gain the skills, insights and confidence you need to tackle multimedia projects and create a real buzz in the classroom? This one-day course will dispel the common multimedia myths and give you practical advice and key insights into working successfully with multimedia.


This workshop will be led by Martin Rodriguez, Director of IE Publishing and Mathew Constantine, Director of Projects at IE Publishing. This is a unique opportunity to learn more about multimedia from an institution that is renowned for its pioneering approach to this method of teaching and learning. Approximately 20% of cases used on IE Business School programmes are multimedia on both face-to-face and blended programmes – and are extremely popular with both faculty and students.

Combining multimedia with the case method offers an exciting and powerful approach to teaching and learning in management education. In this workshop, you’ll have the opportunity to explore this approach and assess its benefits for use in your own teaching and case writing. The day will include contributions from the IE Publishing team and several experienced professors who will share practical tips and skills for maximising the benefits of multimedia cases and simulations, including the development of multimedia materials and implementing them in the classroom. Participants will gain confidence and share experiences in a friendly and supportive environment.

Find out more about IE Business School’s multimedia activities


This workshop will be of benefit to anyone interested in:

  • including and using technology in the classroom
  • using multimedia materials with their students in both qualitative and quantitative subjects, particularly interactive cases
  • using single-player and multi-player simulations
  • developing multimedia materials
  • encouraging the use and development of multimedia materials at a school-wide level. 
Participants may include:
  • faculty and trainers from all sectors or disciplines within management education, teaching at any level from undergraduate to executive
  • faculty and trainers from a wide range of other disciplines with some connection to or interest in management education
  • business school publishing teams.


Participants will:

  • understand the pedagogical, operational and technical processes necessary to develop successful multimedia cases or simulations
  • explore the learning benefits for students when using multimedia materials such as interactive cases, tutorials and simulations
  • discover the opportunities and challenges involved in teaching with multimedia materials
  • gain practical insights into developing a range of multimedia content.
After the workshop participants will be able to:
  • approach teaching a multimedia case or simulation
  • include some elements of technology in the classroom with confidence
  • begin developing their own multimedia cases or simulations
  • discuss the resources and commitment required at an organisational level to create multimedia cases or simulations. 


This workshop will be led by Martin Rodriguez, Director of IE Publishing and Mathew Constantine, Director of Projects at IE Publishing.

Martin is an expert on learning innovation, learning materials development, blended education, MOOCs and technology supported education. Mathew is responsible for a team of Project Managers and the development of projects, through all their phases, across three main areas: Interactive learning materials, MOOCs and SPOCs.


4 July 2018

  • Introduction to using technology in the classroom
  • Using multimedia cases and simulations: potential, possibilities and examples of materials
  • Developing multimedia cases and simulations - part 1
12.30h-13.30h Lunch
  • Developing multimedia cases and simulations - part 2
    This session will include professor perspectives from a panel of experienced faculty

Please note that the programme may be subject to small changes.

Other information

Please refer to the course overview page for information about fees, the venue and accommodation.

Please note that as this event is complete we are no longer taking any bookings for it.


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