Inspiration Day, Europe, spring 2018

Undergraduates and Cases: Transform your Teaching

11 May 2018, Friends House, London, UK

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Do you teach undergraduates? Or are you new to teaching undergraduates? Are you looking for fresh and exciting ways to engage and motivate your undergraduate students? If so, this Inspiration Day is for you.


The case method has been associated with post-graduate management education for over a century – but a growing number of teachers are discovering that it’s also an exciting and highly effective way to teach undergraduates.

Come on our Inspiration Day to make sure your undergraduates don’t miss out. You’ll hear from a number of expert speakers, experience a case class and have the opportunity to ask questions, share experiences and gain the confidence and know-how you will need to start using cases with your undergraduates. 


This Inspiration Day will be of benefit to faculty who are interested in using the case method to teach undergraduates.

Participants may include:

  • experienced faculty
  • faculty who are new to teaching
  • faculty who are new to teaching undergraduates
  • PhD students who are about to start teaching.


Participants will:

  • gain an appreciation of why the case method is so effective when used with undergraduates
  • experience a sample case class
  • learn new ideas for using cases with undergraduates
  • get expert tips and tricks for dealing with younger students and larger classes
  • explore and dispel some of the myths surrounding the use of cases with undergraduates
  • share experiences on how to best apply the case method to students who have limited work experience
  • understand how cases can be used to assess undergraduates
  • hear how other institutions support case teachers and writers.
After the workshop participants will be able to:
  • incorporate the case method into their undergraduate teaching
  • source suitable cases for undergraduate teaching
  • judge at what point during a course or module the case method can best be introduced
  • overcome potential barriers of using the case method with undergraduates.


Scott Andrews will chair this Inspiration Day.

Scott is a Principal Lecturer in Leadership and Work Based Learning, based at the University of Worcester’s Business School, UK. Previously, he worked at Cardiff University's Centre for Lifelong Learning, UK, and on the MBA programme at the Open University Business School, UK. Scott received his PhD from the University of Bristol, UK, and his MBA and PRINCE2 qualifications from the University of Wales, UK.

A keen case writer, Scott has published several cases and teaching notes. He runs an educational training consultancy practice and has been a workshop tutor for The Case Centre since 1996, with experience of delivering case teaching and writing workshops to private and public sector, academic and corporate clients from across Europe, Africa, Asia, USA and Australia. View Scott’s full profile


11 May 2018


Chaired by Scott Andrews

  • Introductions
  • Setting the scene
  • What is a case?
  • Why teach with cases?

Led by Scott Andrews

  • Sample case class
  • Observations and evaluations of sample session



Speaker: Rachida Justo, Associate Professor of Entrepreneurial Management and Social Entrepreneurship, IE Business School

  • Classroom management techniques
  • Discover how to apply cases with younger students and larger classes



Speaker: Ian Birchmore, Lecturer, Aberystwyth University

  • Replacing essay-based coursework with cases for assessment




Chaired by Scott Andrews

  • Sourcing cases for use with undergraduates


Speakers: Richard McCracken, The Case Centre Director, and Jamie Rundle, Senior Lecturer in Operations and Supply Chain Management, Sheffield Business School

  • The case community
  • Organisational support
  • Special interest groups for cases


Chaired by Scott Andrews

  • Panel Q&A and summary

Please note, the programme may be subject to small changes.

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