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Case activities 2020

Led by Martin Kupp and Urs Mueller across five synchronous sessions on 25, 27 November and 1, 3, 10 December
Led by Angela Lee across three synchronous sessions.
How schools stimulate, support and sustain case development
What does investment in resources to support case development or start a case collection look like, and what are the practical considerations? What benefits accrue for faculty, students and the school?
21 September 2020
Forbidden City: Launching a Craft Beer in China
Victor Wang must choose between competing product launch plans to introduce a new beer into the craft-beer segment in China.
21 September 2020
Jan Van Hasenbroek (A) and (B)
Jan Van Hasenbroek is known as the 'red pencil' manager for his micromanagement of consultants' work. Should, and can, Jan change to a different leadership behaviour?
21 September 2020
Resourcing Rural Livelihoods in Kenya
The protagonist, John, weighs up the intersections between mining, agriculture and development in the Kwale County region of Kenya.
21 September 2020
Yuliana Slashcheva: Is There Such a Thing as 'Female Leadership’?
After more than twenty years of successful career development should Yuliana take on a new professional challenge?
21 September 2020
Michael Netzley
5 minutes with… Michael Netzley,
Michael Netzley, Affiliated Faculty at the Institute for Management Development (IMD), takes his place in the ‘5 minutes with…’ hot seat.
21 September 2020