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Case events 2017-18

Outstanding Case Writer, Outstanding New Case Writer and Outstanding Case Writer: Hot Topic - Disruptive Change
Contextualising the Use of Cases
Contextualising the Use of Cases
Even at business schools renowned for teaching with the case method, it is unusual for instructors to only teach with cases. So how is the pedagogical decision arrived at as to when to use a case? What context is necessary for cases to work to their full potential?
18 September 2017
Featured case: Demand and Supply conditions in the Global Liquefied Natural Gas Industry
Nigeria Liquefied Natural Gas CEO and Deputy CEO, Babs Omotowa and Isa Inuwa, are under pressure to form a new strategy and business model, as they feel the pressure of an increase in supply of liquefied natural gas in global markets.
18 September 2017
Featured case: Robert Goodwin: Accelerating Social Impact at Mattel
American multinational Mattel are enjoying success with their Hot Wheels Speedometry programme, a free to-use-STEM curriculum for elementary-aged students across the US, but are executives ready to expand and commit to heavy investment?
18 September 2017
Featured case: Scytl
A global leader in providing cutting edge electronic voting systems and electronic modernisation solutions, Scytl are seriously considering joining the Nasdaq, but is the amount of scrutiny they’d be under worth making such a move?
18 September 2017
Featured case: The Entrepreneurial Journey of a Manager
In this multimedia case María Eugenia Giron, Carrera y Carrera (CyC) CEO, reflects on the options she had open to her before choosing to join CyC two decades ago.
18 September 2017
Richard McCracken
5 minutes with...
The Case Centre Director, Richard McCracken, predicts the case method taking over the world, how he was converted to cases and his love for oil painting.
18 September 2017