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Embedding the case method and accreditation – focus on Africa and the Middle East
We explore with regional experts the potential and unique role for cases, and how they might play a part for institutions on the path to accreditation.
23 April 2019
Featured case: FC Schalke 04 eSports – Decision Making in a Changing Ecosystem
German football club FC Schalke face some key decisions on how best to move forward with their eSports teams.
23 April 2019
global or local
Featured case: Global or Local? Making Location Decisions in Supply Chain Design
We explore Ken Owen’s difficult task of creating a complex supply network at the UK’s newest nuclear power station, Hinckley Point C.
23 April 2019
Featured case: M-KOPA Solar: Using Digital Disruption to Connect the World’s Poor
In East Africa millions of people are living off-grid but a plug-and-play solar powered system is changing everything for them.
23 April 2019
tom tom
Featured case: TomTom: Mapping the Course from B2C to B2B
TomTom have just found out that Google have won a major automotive contract with one of their key clients, Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi. How do they overcome the challenge?
23 April 2019
Tim Mescon
5 minutes with...Tim Mescon
AASCB Executive Vice President and Chief Officer, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, Tim Mescon, takes his place in the ‘5 minutes with…’ hotseat.
23 April 2019