Featured case: Don Bosco Museum’s Digital Experimentation

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The case

whoWho – the protagonists

Dr. Joseph Puthenpurakal, Don Bosco Museum (DBM) Shillong Director.


DBM is a unique museum dedicated to preserving and promoting the diverse cultures of the North Eastern Region (NER) of India, providing cultural education about the tribal communities of NER.


DBM ranked among the top ten museums in India, and the most visited one in NER.


With its growing popularity and demand for a more enrichening experience from visitors, DBM began experimenting with digital strategies to further increase the footfall.

Though the initial digital marketing strategies paid off, Joseph felt that more could be done as DBM still had a long way to go in terms of customer engagement, content and virtual experiences.


It was December 2016 when Joseph was contemplating his next move.


The museum is in NER, the eastern most region of India, comprising eight states.

Key quote

“DBM operates on a very tight budget and the museum receives less funding from the government compared to those elsewhere. There is a huge gap between what is perceived as requirements of the museum’s responsibility to deliver, and the funding received. We have tried our best to be self-sufficient through different ways.” – Dr. Joseph Puthenpurakal, Don Bosco Museum (DBM) Shillong Director.

What next?

The challenge for Joseph and his team was deciding what kind of digital transformation DBM would need to undergo, keeping in mind the organisation, its objectives and the needs of its visitors.

The author

authorTeidorlang Lyngdoh

Teidorlang discusses the interactive nature of the case, and the learning objectives it’s trying to achieve.

Focus on marketing

Teidorlang said: “What we were trying to achieve with this case was allowing students to apply their understanding of marketing, and investigate the challenges associated with non-profit organisations who explore digital strategies.”

interactive learning

Interactive learning

He added: “The digital transformation dilemma DBM has lends itself very well to teaching the case in class.

“Students can experiment with digital technology and see how it can promote the museum’s art, or come up with innovative practices using social media.

“In this day and age there really needs to be a digital aspect to learning, and students expect this.”

Positive reaction

Teidorlang concluded: “We had really positive feedback on the case from students, as they found the topic of reviving a dying industry or business very challenging and stimulating.

“They found that brining examples and best practices from different industries on how organisations have been able to cope with digital disruption enriched the learning.”

About the authors

Teidorlang Lyngdoh is Assistant Professor of Marketing at Xavier School of Management XLRI.
e teidor@xlri.ac.in

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Don Bosco Museum’s Digital Experimentation
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