Featured case: SySDSoft: A Local Player in the Global Market

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The case

whoWho – the protagonists

Khaled Ismail, the founder and CEO of SySDSoft. 


SySDSoft is a designer and service provider for wireless technology, competing with large, well established international competitors.


Khaled had much to be proud of as SySDSoft was the only small company surviving in the wireless technology market, and had licensing contracts with four of the top ten companies in the sector.

Despite continuous growth over the last eight years, Khaled was wondering whether it was realistic to compete with the top giant companies in the long term.


It was 2002 when SySDSoft launched and 2010 when Khaled was considering the future of the company.


SySDSoft is based in Cairo, Egypt, and was started in a few rooms in Cairo University, but has since grown to operate around the globe.

Key quote

“Egypt was not known for selling technology, accordingly it was very hard to convince international customers that Egypt has the capabilities to compete in the technology market.” – Khaled on the difficulties of the company’s early days.

What next?

Khaled had much to ponder.

Should SySDSoft continue operating in the market or should they exit? If they decided to leave the market, which strategy should they use?

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SySDSoft: A Local Player in the Global Market
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Teaching note
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The authors

Iman Seoudi, Hend Mostafa and Basma Bishay

Iman discusses the joy of collaborating on cases and how local cases can inspire.

Power of co-authoring

Egypt inspirationIman said: “Co-authoring provides an opportunity to share perspectives, discuss various possible angles for the case and come up with more comprehensive answers to case discussion questions.”

Egyptian inspiration

Hend continued: “The reason why the case is inspiring is because it shows an Egyptian success story in a tech-based enterprise that was able to thrive on the international scale, while operating with 100% Egyptian talent and resources.

“I believe this is a model that sets an example for aspiring entrepreneurs in all emerging economies, that success on a global scale is now possible regardless of where your company originates.

“It also gives a lot of hope to Egyptian business people, especially young ones, to venture ambitiously and to dream big.”

Building on relationships

Iman concluded: “The protagonist was a visiting professor who was hosted at the university for a year to support the development of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in and around the university, through the AUC School of Business’ Entrepreneurship Center.

“The University was happy to have him join for a year because of his unique experiences and his amazing success stories in building successful entrepreneurial ventures and creating value.”

About the authors

Iman Seoudi is Assistant Professor of Strategic Management & Entrepreneurship at the German University in Cairo.

Hend Mostafa is a Teaching Assistant at the AUC.
e hendmostafa@gmail.com

Basma Bishay.

This case was written under the direction of El-Khazindar Business Research and Case Center (KCC).


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