Fiat's Strategic Alliance with Tata

This case looks at the automotive industry, Fiat and Tata's corporate background and provides an in-depth description of how these two sides came together including the entire pre-operational negotiation process. The case is set in October 2007, immediately after the companies had finalised a joint venture for the manufacturing of passenger cars, engines and transmissions in India for national and international markets. The alliance also includes additional agreements to jointly manufacture pick-up trucks in Fiat's Argentinian facility and a distribution arrangement between Fiat's commercial vehicle subsidiary, Iveco, and Tata's commercial division. Students will be exposed to the key issues in negotiating alliances, such as timing, readiness, management opinions, cultural learning, due diligence and ownership structure.

Watch case authors, Professors Africa Arino and Pinar Ozcan, talking about the key learning objectives of this case.

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Fiat's Strategic Alliance with Tata
Africa Arino, Pinar Ozcan, Jordan Mitchell and Brian Hohl
IESE Business School
Ref SM-1528-E

Ref SM-1528-E
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About the authors

Pinar Ozcan is Assistant Professor of Strategic Management at IESE Business School, Spain.

Jordan Mitchell is a Research Assistant at IESE Business School, Spain.

Brian Hohl is a graduate of the IESE Business School, Spain 2008 MBA Programme.

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