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The top fifteen bestselling cases in this subject category are listed alphabetically. Click on a case title to view further details and, where available, an educator preview copy.

Case front page 'Kickboxing' at Adobe Systems
Jeremy Dann
USC-Marshall/Lloyd Greif Center for Entrepreneurial Studies
Case front page AB InBev: Brewing an Innovation Strategy
Robert E Siegel and Amadeus Orleans
Stanford Business School
Case front page Advanced Results Marketing (A)
Edward Marram, Carl Youngman and Richard Luecke
Babson College
Case front page CircleLending, Inc: Financing Early Stage Development
Leslie Charm and Richard Luecke
Babson College
Case front page Design Thinking and Innovation at Apple
Stefan Thomke and Barbara Feinberg
Harvard Business Publishing
Case front page Dropbox: 'It Just Works'
Thomas R Eisenmann, Michael Pao and Lauren Barley
Harvard Business Publishing
Case front page Elon Musk: Balancing Purpose and Risk
Shikhar Ghosh and Sarah Mehta
Harvard Business Publishing
Case front page Ingvar Kamprad and IKEA
Christopher A Bartlett and Ashish Nanda
Harvard Business Publishing
Case front page ISlide, Inc
Donna B Stoddard and Lakshmi Balachandra
Babson College
Case front page Keeping Google 'Googley'
Alison Berkley Wagonfeld, Boris Groysberg and David A Thomas
Harvard Business Publishing
Case front page R&R
Howard H Stevenson and Jose-Carlos Jarillo Mossi
Harvard Business Publishing
Case front page Rent the Runway
Thomas R Eisenmann and Laura Winig
Harvard Business Publishing
Case front page Team WIKISPEED: Developing Hardware the Software Way
Martin Kupp, Linus Dahlander and Eric Morrow
ESMT European School of Management and Technology
Case front page Venture Capital Deal Sourcing and Screening
David W Hoyt, Theresia Gouw-Ranzetta and Ilya A Strebulaev
Stanford Graduate School of Business Graduate School of Business
Case front page Zalora: Dressing up the Mobile App to Engage Customers
Srinivas K Reddy, Sandeep Rao Chandukala and Sarita Mathur
Singapore Management University

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