Bestselling cases in 2018

Finance, Accounting and ControlFinance, Accounting and Control

The top fifteen bestselling cases in this subject category are listed alphabetically. Click on a case title to view further details and, where available, an educator preview copy.

Case front page Apple: Time to 'Think Different(TM)' About Cash
Wouter De Maeseneire, Maxime Maertens and Thomas Deschepper
Vlerick Business School
Case front page Balance Sheet Detective
Elizabeth Demers
Case front page BNL Stores
Vaughan Radcliffe and Paul Cruz
Ivey Publishing
Case front page Citibank: Performance Evaluation
Robert L Simons and Antonio Davilla
Harvard Business Publishing
Case front page Classic Pen Company: Developing an ABC Model
Robert S Kaplan
Harvard Business Publishing
Case front page Credit Sales Decision at Mr Price Group Ltd
Aleksander A Aleszczyk and Karthik Balakrishnan
London Business School
Case front page Finning International Inc: Management Systems in 2009
Murray J Bryant and Ken Mark
Ivey Publishing
Case front page Headquarters' Overhead Cost Allocation at Korea Auto Insurance Co Inc
Ho-Young Lee, Sangil Kim and Won-Wook Choi
Ivey Publishing
Case front page Healthy Life Group
Elizabeth MA Grasby and Ian Dunn
Ivey Publishing
Case front page Industrial Accessories Ltd
James E Hatch and Ken Mark
Ivey Publishing
Case front page Iridium Llc
Benjamin C Esty, Fuaad A Qureshi and William Olsen
Harvard Business Publishing
Case front page Mountainarious Sporting Co
Elizabeth MA Grasby, Jeff L Murray and Julie Harvey Gosse
Ivey Publishing
Case front page Nike, Inc: Cost of Capital
Robert F Bruner and Jessica Chan
Darden Business Publishing
Case front page Sneaker 2013
Richard T Bliss and Mark E Potter
Babson College
Case front page Vodafone Airtouch's Bid for Mannesmann
S Kedia
Harvard Business Publishing

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