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Economics, Politics and Business EnvironmentEconomics, Politics and Business Environment

The top fifteen bestselling cases in this subject category are listed alphabetically. Click on a case title to view further details and, where available, an educator preview copy.

Case front page Amazon in Emerging Markets
Amy Nguyen-Chyung and Elliot Faulk
WDI Publishing, William Davidson Institute (EDI), University of Michigan
Case front page Australia: The Hot Spot for International Education
Sharmila Majumdar
Amity Research Centers
Case front page Behavioral Economics and Starbucks’ Cup Problem
Debapratim Purkayastha and Trilochan Tripathy
IBS Center for Management Research
Case front page Brazilian Stagflation
Daniel Murphy
Darden Business Publishing
Case front page e-Estonia: An Inspiration to the World
Parvatham Naganathan
Amity Research Centers
Case front page Freemark Abbey Winery
William S Krasker
Harvard Business Publishing 
Case front page IKEA's Global Sourcing Challenge: Indian Rugs and Child Labor (A)
Christopher A Bartlett, Vincent Dessain and Anders Sjoman
Harvard Business Publishing
Case front page Language and Globalization: 'Englishnization' at Rakuten
Tsedal Neeley
Harvard Business Publishing
Case front page Managing a Global Team: Greg James at Sun Microsystems, Inc (A)
Thomas J DeLong and Tsedal Neeley
Harvard Business Publishing
Case front page Marketing Chateau Margaux
John Deighton, Vincent Dessain, Leyland F Pitt, Daniela Beyersdorfer and Anders Sjoman
Harvard Business Publishing
Case front page Nike versus New Balance: Trade Policy in a World of Global Value Chains
Ari Van Assche and Simon Brodeur
HEC Montreal Centre for Case Studies
Case front page Reducing Inflation in Argentina: Mission Impossible?
Fernando Alvarez and Stephen Zeldes
Columbia CaseWorks, Columbia Business School
Case front page Reforms in Health Sector: Can India Scale up Success?
Shwetha Kumari
Amity Research Centers
Case front page The Nordic Economic Model
Saji Sam George and Sachin Govind
IBS Center for Management Research
Case front page The US - China Trade War
Alberto F Cavallo, Mariana Cal and Anne Laski
Harvard Business Publishing

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