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The top ten classic cases in each subject category are listed alphabetically. Click on a case title to view further details and, where available, an educator preview copy.

Case front page Foreign Direct Investment and Ireland's Tiger Economy
Laura Alfaro, Stephen McIntyre and Vinati Dev
Harvard Business Publishing
Ref 9-706-007
Case front page Freemark Abbey Winery
William S Krasker
Harvard Business Publishing
Ref 9-181-027
Case front page Hitting the Wall: Nike and International Labor Practices
Debora L. Spar and Jennifer L. Burns
Harvard Business Publishing
Ref 9-700-047
Case front page IKEA's Global Sourcing Challenge: Indian Rugs and Child Labor (A)
Christopher A Bartlett, Vincent Dessain and Anders Sjoman
Harvard Business Publishing
Ref 9-906-414
Case front page James Burke: A Career in American Business (A)
Richard S Tedlow and Wendy K Smith
Harvard Business Publishing
Ref 9-389-177
Case front page Keppel Offshore & Marine: Riding The Waves of Change
Wee Beng Geok and Ivy Buchen
Asian Business Case Centre
Ref 207-043-1
Case front page Managing a Global Team: Greg James at Sun Microsystems, Inc (A)
Thomas J DeLong and Tsedal Neeley
Harvard Business Publishing
Ref 9-409-003
Case front page Marketing Chateau Margaux
John Deighton, Vincent Dessain, Leyland F Pitt, Daniela Beyersdorfer and Anders Sjoman
Harvard Business Publishing
Ref 9-507-033
Case front page Singapore, Inc
Richard HK Vietor and Emily J Thompson
Harvard Business Publishing
Ref 9-703-040
Case front page Wal-Mart in Europe
Louisa R Gay and J Gunnar Trumbull
Harvard Business Publishing
Ref 9-704-027

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