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The top ten classic cases in each subject category are listed alphabetically. Click on a case title to view further details and, where available, an educator preview copy.

Case front page Expatriation: An American Working in Japan: From the Perspective of the Expatriate, Headquarters and the Foreign Subsidiary
Markus Pudelko
The University of Edinburgh Business School
Ref 405-027-1
Case front page IKEA's Innovative Human Resource Management Practices and Work Culture
Sanjib Dutta and Shirisha Regani
IBS Center for Management Research
Ref 405-020-1
Case front page Lincoln Electric in China
Charles Galunic and Ingmar Bjorkman
Ref 499-021-1
Case front page Mount Everest-1996
Michael A Roberto and Gina M Carioggia
Ivey School of Business
Ref 9-303-061
Case front page Richard Murphy and the Biscuit Company (A)
Kyle Ingram and Michael Jarrett
London Business School
Ref 408-083-1
Case front page Rob Parson at Morgan Stanley (A)
M Diane Burton
Harvard Business Publishing
Ref 9-498-054
Case front page Shield: Product Development in a Distributed Team
Anca Metiu and Lynn Selhat
Ref 405-028-1
Case front page Southwest Airlines (A)
Charles A O'Reilly III and Jeffrey Pfeffer
Stanford Business School
Ref HR1A
Case front page Thomas Green: Power, Office Politics and a Career in Crisis
W Earl Sasser Jr and Heather Beckham
Harvard Business Publishing
Ref 2095
Case front page Wolfgang Keller at Konigsbrau-Hellas (A)
John J Gabarro
Harvard Business Publishing
Ref 9-498-045

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