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The top ten classic cases in each subject category are listed alphabetically. Click on a case title to view further details and, where available, an educator preview copy.

Case front page Amazon.com: Marching Towards Profitability
Haim Mendelson and Philip Meza
Stanford Business School
Ref EC25
Case front page AtekPC Project Management Office
F Warren McFarlan, John Hupp and Mark Kell
Harvard Business Publishing
Ref 9-308-049
Case front page CRM Implementation Failure at Cigna Corporation
Vivek Gupta and M Vinaya Kumar
IBS Center for Management Research
Ref 906-014-1
Case front page ERP Implentation Failure at HP
Ruchi N Chaturvedi and Vivek Gupta
IBS Center for Management Research
Ref 905-005-1
Case front page Gap.com
Garth Saloner, A. Michael Spence, Katherine McIntyre and Ezra Perlman
Stanford Business School
Ref EC9A
Case front page Knowledge Management Practices at Toyota Motors
Ruchi N Chaturvedi and Sanjib Dutta
IBS Center for Management Research
Ref 905-031-1
Case front page McKinsey's Knowledge Management Practices
Vivek Gupta and Indu Perepu
IBS Center for Management Research
Ref 907-025-1
Case front page Pricing and Branding on the Internet
Garth Saloner, A. Michael Spence and Kostas Sgoutas
Stanford Business School
Ref EC8
Case front page Sony's Battle for Video Game Supremacy
John Sterman, Kahn Jekarl and Cate Reavis
MIT Sloan's LearningEdge
Ref 07-046
Case front page Tiscali (D): Project Management
Marco Sampietro, Anna Canato and Ferdinando Pennarola
SDA Bocconi
Ref 906-039-1

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