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A media company based at the MIT Sloan School of Management, MIT Sloan Management Review’s mission is to lead the conversation among thinkers, professors, and managers about the coming sea changes in management practice that will transform how people innovate and lead. MIT SMR captures for thoughtful managers the creativity, excitement, and opportunity generated by rapid societal, economic, and technological change.

MIT SMR sources content for our readers primarily in two ways:

Independent research and ideas from global thought leaders. Since 1959 MIT SMR has been a forum for business-management innovators from around the world to present their ideas and research. Authors have included Peter Senge, Lester Thurow, James Brian Quinn, Gary Hamel, Clayton Christensen, C.K. Prahalad, Thomas Davenport, Christopher Bartlett, Sumantra Ghoshal, John Quelch, Henry Mintzberg, Max Bazerman, and Ed Lawler.

MIT SMR-generated research and ideas (Innovation Hubs). MIT SMR’s Innovation Hubs capture the best thinking, reporting, and scholarly research on the management implications of one significant transformation in the business environment. MIT SMR conducts interviews and original research to explore these implications. The hubs illuminate major changes in the competitive landscape that managers are hungry to understand and that are the chief drivers of management practice innovation as enterprises respond to novel opportunities and threats.

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The Richard Beckhard Memorial Prize

Each year the Richard Beckhard Memorial Prize is awarded to the authors of the most outstanding MIT SMR article on planned change and organizational development. View a list of winners

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Reprints of articles published in the MIT Sloan Management Review may be ordered online from The Case Centre through product search. Prices per copy start from $4.35/€4.65/£3.60 . Registered approved educators may also view online inspection copies where available.

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