Asian Institute of Finance

Asian Institute of Finance

Asian Institute of Finance’s (AIF) case study collection is made up of approximately 20 cases with corresponding teaching notes.

The focus is primarily on the Financial Services Industry in the ASEAN region, with the majority of the cases addressing general management as well as strategic challenges.

AIF cases place a special focus on leadership and human resource management, paying special attention to the study of how ASEAN financial services organisations overcome challenges, and how overseas corporations grow their business in the ASEAN market.

These cases will contribute to a better understanding of the competitive environment in the ASEAN region, and thereby a better performance of companies operating in ASEAN.

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About AIF

AIF is a think tank jointly established by Bank Negara Malaysia (Central Bank of Malaysia) and the Securities Commission Malaysia, to enhance human capital development and talent management across the financial services industry in Asia. 

Our vision is to be recognised as a global leader in human capital development across the financial services industry in Asia.

Our mission is to produce high quality applied research and thought leadership in human capital development and talent management.


Jaya Kohli
Director – Strategy, Policy Development and Research
Asian Institute of Finance

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