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IMD faculty have developed case studies for over 50 years to serve as a basis for classroom discussions. Renowned for their international focus, IMD cases are used in schools all over the world and have proven to be highly effective in developing the leadership capabilities of executives at every stage of their career.

The Case Centre distributes the complete IMD case collection of over 1,500 cases, many of which are prize winners, along with accompanying teaching notes and videos. The Case Centre also distributes a collection of free cases from IMD.

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About IMD

IMD is an independent not-for-profit foundation with no financial support from government. The school serves the international corporate community, helping develop and retain the best qualified management talent for global leadership. IMD, the most international of all executive education institutions worldwide, is dedicated to being the “global meeting place.” It is one of the world’s leading graduate business schools, bringing cutting-edge, practical focus on dilemmas and pertinent research into the classroom in the shortest possible time – to support what IMD calls “Real World. Real Learning.”


Marianna Zuin
Case Services
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P.O. Box 915
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+41 (0)21 618 0217
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