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Graphic format cases

Graphic format casesA range of graphic format (cartoon) cases are available in The Case Centre's collection.

Developed by educators to vary the media in which students consume course materials, these cases provide a fun and engaging entry in to the case discussion.

Hear from the authors

Bestselling case author Debapratim Purkayastha, and his co-author Siddharth Ghosh, won an award for their graphic format case, Turbulence on the Tarmac.

Writing the case

Debapratim commented: “The steps involved are researching and writing the case, developing the script and the storyboard, and designing and developing the comic book.

“It is an iterative process and requires the case writer and artist to work closely. It is not just about converting the case text into images (visual art), but also combining it with literary and cinematic techniques involving, but not limited, to a plot, character development, multiple perspectives, metaphor, flashbacks and flash-forwards, speeding and slowing time, close-ups, long views, and so on.”

Engaging students

Debapratim continued: “We have seen that not only students in management programs but even other participants (executives in Training and Development programs and even teachers in Professional Development Workshops) are drawn in by this type of case.

"It’s an engaging format and there is also a sense of nostalgia. After all, most of us have positive associations with comic books as they formed an enjoyable part of our growing up years.”

What's available

Currently 30+ cases are available in graphic/cartoon format.

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