Instructor materials

What's available?

More than 30,200 teaching notes are available in The Case Centre collection to accompany cases. Experienced case teachers testify to the value of a well-constructed teaching note. Teaching notes help the case teacher identify and focus on the key learning outcomes designed in the case and to plan class discussion and dynamics. 95% of the most popular cases have teaching notes.

Did you know …

If you’ve created an alternative teaching note for another writer’s case you can submit it online for other teachers to use. It must be a new and different way of teaching the case, not simply an ‘improved’ version of the existing note.

Additional teaching materials

We also distribute a range of other instructor materials including software items (eg Powerpoint presentations, Excel spreadsheets), multimedia CD-ROMS incorporating video clips, simulations and DVDs.


All instructor materials can be found and ordered using product search.

Free online teaching notes

Most teaching notes are available electronically free of charge to registered, approved educators in product search. All items that are available in this way display a PDF icon PDF icon on their record. Click the PDF icon to view the teaching note. Please note you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed to open a PDF. 

Paper teaching notes

If an electronic copy is not available a printed copy can be ordered. Prices per copy start from $6.90/€6.60/£5.10. More about how to order
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Search for instructor materials

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Our product search is designed to help you find instructor materials.
  • click on the product search tab in the navigation menu directly above this box to drop down the search form
  • enter your search keywords
  • select teaching note in the product type drop down
  • click the search button to generate a list of teaching notes that match your search criteria