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Markus Pudelko (The University of Edinburgh Business School)
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11 pages
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Generalised experience


This comprehensive case covers essential aspects and facets of cross-cultural co-operation and communication. These are illustrated through the fictitious depiction of a project carried out between Americans and Germans. More specifically, two situations will be presented: (1) an American working on a team, which is dominated by Germans (and their way of co-operating and communicating); and (2) the other way around, a German working on a team dominated by Americans. The difficulties, problems and misunderstandings both sides are facing are particularly stressed. The case should be useful in all courses that cover cross-cultural co-operation and communication, which is mainly in management across cultures, international human resource management and international business courses. The case has been written primarily for business students at the MBA level and for participants in executive education programmes. However, students in advanced undergraduate classes should also benefit substantially from this case. The case is accompanied by extensive teaching notes, including questions and answers on various sub-topics related to cross-cultural co-operation and communication.


Communication; Cross-cultural; Intercultural; USA; Germany; Team

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