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Ketan Gandhi (KgGuruji Academy)
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Generalised experience
G Prasham Chief operating officer of RCG Group assigned Digital Transformation Project to Kinjal Parekh, an enthusiastic & innovative strategy & planning executive to study & suggest blue print. Kinjal has worked meticulously to study service quality gaps, customer's perception about service quality, digital technologies, tools & solutions available in the market & has prepared blue print of Digital Transformation project. Should G Prasham approve it? He felt that 'though RCG group uses e-mail, internet, various kinds of enterprise software including ERP system recently introduced, but have been slow to adopt more advanced digital technologies like analytics, and also skeptical about use of social media.' RCG group faced pressure from customer, employees, competitors & shareholders to speed-up digital transformation. He was aware that digital transformation has become a hot topic for companies across the globe. He firmly believed that use of Analytics, mobility, social media, digital connectivity, and improving ERP system can radically improve business performance to change customer relationship, internal processes and value proposition. The case contains qualitative information to determine customer's perspective of service quality and how digital transformation can transform customer service experience & operational process improvements. It also contains a brief description of digital technologies and tools most appropriate for wind power business. This case can be used in strategic management or services marketing course. However it is most appropriately placed in Strategic Management course. It provides basis for reviewing major conceptual areas of how digital transformation - use of technology to radically improve business performance, linkages of service quality & marketing strategy.
Learning objectives:
1. Perform analysis of situation, trade-offs and implication of their action on firm and self. 2. Understand digital transformation tools and their impact on business. 3. Understand how customer perceive service quality & how by improving these dimension can transform customer experience. 4. Analyze linkages between service quality & marketing strategy. 5. Understand how managers need to prioritise change & best select new tools/modifying existing tools for implementation to achieve competitiveness.
India, Wind power, services, 2014, 125 employees
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