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Prize winner
Subject category: Entrepreneurship
Ian Gordon (Lancaster University Management School)
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6 pages
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Field research


An entrepreneur (Bill Greenwood) leaves the UK Fire Service to set up his own business providing consultants to carry out Fire Risk Assessments for commercial organisations. After a number of years of modest but steady profitable growth, the business is at a cross roads. Digital technology has caught up with this industry and Bill is aware that if he does not diversify and embrace digital technology the likelihood is that his competitors or new entrants will. Bill is faced with a strategic choice. He is attracted by the concept of embracing innovation as the solution but he has a low knowledge base of the new digital world. Bill needs to understand his business model options to help him make a strategic choice.


Strategic decision making; SME expansion
Small, turnover less than GBP500,000
Other setting(s):
2002 to 2015

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