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Eugenia Lee (National University of Singapore); Pei Chuan Wu (National University of Singapore)
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25 pages
Data source:
Field research
Three students joined the NUS Business School some years ago with very different backgrounds; as they were about to graduate, they started to reflect on their experiences at the University and how it prepared them for their first jobs. Throughout their student lives, they had taken on a combination of internships, leadership roles and case competitions, and in the process, they had developed different career aspirations. However, the future was still uncertain as they struggled with making momentous decisions regarding their careers. With so many options and possibilities before them, what was the 'best choice' for these individuals?
Learning objectives:
1. Understand how personality and passion can influence one’s career choice. 2. Understand the fundamentals of person-organization fit. 3. Appreciate the complexities of career decisions and how one’s needs come into play when deciding between career options. 4. Understand the role that internships and other related experiences play in helping students develop their competencies, motivations and networks for their careers. 5. Appreciate the need for continual feedback and reassessment as students learn more about their 'dream' careers through internships and other related experiences.
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