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Management article
Reference no. 97108
Published by:
Harvard Business Publishing (1997)
in "Harvard Business Review"
11 pages


Why are some companies able to sustain high growth in revenues and profits--and others are not? To answer that question, the authors, both of INSEAD, spent five years studying more than 30 companies around the world. They found that the difference between the high-growth companies and their less successful competitors was in each group''s assumptions about strategy. Managers of the less successful companies followed conventional strategic logic. Managers of the high-growth companies followed what the authors call the logic of value innovation. The authors tell the story of the French hotelier Accor, which discarded the notion of what a hotel is supposed to look like in order to offer what most customers want: a good night''s sleep at a low price. And Virgin Atlantic challenged industry conventions by eliminating first-class service and channeling savings into innovations for business-class passengers. Those companies didn''t set out to build advantages over the competition, but they ended up achieving the greatest competitive advantage.


Competition; Growth strategy; Innovation; Management philosophy; Product introduction; Strategy formulation

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