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Jamie Anderson (Antwerp Management School); Martin Kupp (ESMT GmbH); Joerg Reckhenrich (Antwerp Management School)
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Lady Gaga was named the artist of the year in 2010 by Billboard, just one year after she earned the title of top new artist. Her Monster Ball Tour was the 4th highest grossing tour of the year and her album 'Fame Monster' was the best selling in the world. By the end of 2010 she had seven consecutive songs that reached the two million mark in paid downloads in the US, with the total estimated sale of her recordings surpassing fifteen million albums and fifty-one million singles worldwide. She had been voted by Time Magazine as one of the most influential people of the year, and within just a few years her total income has exceeded the total lifetime earnings of rock veteran such as U2 and AC/DC. This case study provides an overview of Lady Gaga's career as a musician and artist and the circumstances that supported her success. Information on the challenges facing the global music industry due to digital distribution and piracy is also provided. The case study enables students to develop a good understanding of the elements of strategic innovation, and how an individual (or organization) can shake up an established industry merely by framing and answering the fundamental strategic questions 'Who is the customer?', 'What do I offer this customer?', and 'How do I create value for the customer - and ultimately myself?' differently. It provides rich data to discuss the way in which new technologies (especially social media) can be used as tools for innovation. The case is complemented with extensive multimedia, including interviews, music video clips and still images. The case study is intended for MBA courses in strategic management, innovation and marketing. It can also be used in an executive education program, for example as part of a strategy or innovation management program to discuss issues related to strategic innovation in established industries.


Lady Gaga; Google; Apple; Twitter; Facebook; MySpace; Music; Strategy; Innovation; Universal; Sony
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