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Reference no. 811-031-1
Published by:
London Business School (2011)
February 2011
9 pages
Data source:
Field research
This is part of a case series. Despite numerous regulatory concerns and uncertainty over the state of the industry, Manish Sabharwal, Ashok Reddy and a third co-founder, Mohit Gupta, decided to enter the temporary staffing industry. In 2002, they founded TeamLease and over the ensuing years, it expanded at an astonishing rate. While Sabharwal and Reddy avoided prosecution, labour laws remained unchanged. In late August of 2005, a global staffing firm approached Sabharwal and Reddy about a possible acquisition. The global company had hired an investment bank and was ready to put a firm offer on the table. The amount being discussed was almost too good to be true. Should they sell?
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