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Reference no. 111-059-1
Luis Boggiano (IESA); Norma Ortiz (IESA)
Published in:
August 2011
7 pages
Data source:
Generalised experience
AGROPROQUIM was founded in 1991 by Juan Carlos Gomez. The company distributes chemical products for the agricultural industry and is looking for a bank to finance its operations. This case deals with the financial analysis that the new Finance Director Alfredo Molina must make to understand, defend and promote the company at a meeting to be held in two weeks’ time with Luis Esquiva, Banco Occidental’s Business Portfolio Manager, at which he will try to obtain financing to settle the company’s debts with Banco Oriental in order to obtain the capital necessary for its business operations. Students are invited to put themselves in the place of Alfredo Molina, who must understand AGROPROQUIM’s financial situation. This Teaching Case is supported by two Excel worksheets to help both the students and the professor with their calculations and financial analysis. Recommended for students in introductory courses in subjects Accounting Management and Financial Analysis in the Master in Finance, MBA and EMBA (Executive MBA), as well as Executive Education Courses for participants in the areas of: Financial Analysis, Management Finance, Finance for Executives Non-Financial, Credit Risk and Risk Management, among others.
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