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Spanish language
Reference no. E411-069-1
Jose Malave (IESA); Ramon Pinango (IESA)
Published in:
August 2011
7 pages
Data source:
Field research
This is part of a case series. Moving the headquarters appeared to Nutven's top management as an opportunity for reducing costs and applying the open-space concept. The new office design would improve communication and align organisational culture to the firm's competitive strategy. However, the idea lacked the support of many employees, who feared the move would imply less office space, noise and loss of privacy. The general manager had to weigh pros and cons in order to recommend a decision to the president. This case has proved useful in Organisational Behaviour MBA courses and a variety of executive education programs. The case allows dealing with different management themes, with emphasis on decision-making, leadership, change management, and ethical implications of decisions. The case describes a change process from the emergence of the idea, through decision-making and implementation, including people's reactions to change. For teaching purposes, the case comprises three parts: (A) leads to the general manager dilemmas involved in the decision of moving the headquarters; once the decision was made, (B) raises the question of how it should be implemented; and (C) leads to questions concerning ethical implications and the case lessons.
Venezuela, Food, 2000-2001, 850 employees
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