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Productos EFE is one of the most emblematic ice cream manufacturers in the Venezuelan market. In 1987 Productos EFE was acquired by Empresas Polar, probably the most important industrial group in Venezuela, and was incorporated into the company’s huge portfolio of foodstuffs. This case presents the sequence of decisions that led the Ice Cream and Dessert Category of Alimentos Polar to diagnose the aging of the brand and refresh its graphic identity. After multiple studies, Maria Milagros Molina, Manager of the Category, was faced with various dilemmas: recommend a refreshment of the brand; determine whether it would be necessary to redesign the positioning strategy to rejuvenate it; and recommend the graphic design options that would be best aligned to the strategy proposed. For teaching purposes, the case comprises four parts: (A) establishing brand equity from the consumer's perspective, (B) assessing brand aging and defining rejuvenation strategies, (C) dealing with positioning strategies implications, and (D) decision making regarding graphic identity of the brand.
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