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This is part of a case series. Chocolates St Moritz, is a Venezuelan company engaged in the manufacture and sale of chocolate products, established in 1987 in the handmade chocolate market. By 2004 the company had expanded sales to other segments, such as the mass, industrial, and specialty markets. The short term goal of St Moritz was product innovation to continue offering their customers '... a chocolate that makes you sigh when you taste it.' Another objective was to maximize distribution in order to reach more people. Teaching Objectives are: Understand the challenges faced by the management of a medium sized company when facing large local and multinational competitors, to decide which strategy to follow in order to sustain or increase sales and profits. Consider growth as a strategic option for the company and discuss which steps should be taken for successful growth. Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the company to achieve the growth objective. The case is recommended for postgraduate students.
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