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Spanish language
Reference no. E511-075-1
Sofia Esqueda (IESA); Jorge Sanchez (IESA); Olivia Perez (IESA)
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24 pages
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Field research
This is a Spanish version. In 2002, Alimentos Polar, a Strategic Business Unit (SBU) of Empresas Polar, faced a double challenge. Firstly, how to successfully manage the cleaning products category despite a lack of previous experience; and second, how to build sales volume for Las Llaves powder detergent, given its stagnant market share. The detergent category management must develop sustainable, long-term strategies to persuade consumers that Las Llaves Powder detergent not only cares for clothes and hands, as the laundry bar soap brand has done over the last 120 years, but is effective in cleaning all clothes. The case discusses how to grow sales volume and market share in a highly competitive market, dominated by multinational companies; by offering added value but without sacrificing key Las Llaves mother brand attributes: cleaning power, plus clothes and hand care. The case allows dealing with different marketing themes, with emphasis on marketing research information, to illustrate the role of consumer and market information in the decision-making process; consumer behavior, branding and brand management. This case has proved useful in Marketing Management, MBA courses and a variety of executive education programs.
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