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Spanish language
Reference no. E512-095-1
Jorge Menendez (IESA); Carolina Luis (IESA)
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11 pages
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Generalised experience
Multipharmacy, was one of the oldest family owned businesses in the Venezuelan pharmaceutical market. With over 60 years in the market, it encompassed both the retail and wholesale stages of medicine supply. However, management faced many problems. New business models had captured many clients. Competitors had evolved from traditional neighbourhood pharmacies to modern drugstores. Investment in supply chain software and hardware allowed some competitors to have cost and product supply advantages. Finally, problems among family members were eroding the efficiency of the organization. The case can be used in both postgraduate and executive education courses, and can be analyzed from several perspectives: 1) Marketing: what can Multipharmacy offer its clients that give it a business advantage over competition? 2) Family business: what steps should the family take to protect both the interests of the family and of the business?
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