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ESADE Entrepreneurship Institute (EEI) (2013)
23 pages
Data source:
Field research


This is part of a case series. This is a longitudinal case study involving two decisions, case (A) and case (B) to be discussed in entrepreneurship courses. The cases face students with real 'entrepreneur’s dilemmas': To sell or not to sell the company and to start or not a new company. It put them in the place of the entrepreneur’s decision making and the different stages to follow in this process. The case series describes how Albert Olle entered the telemarketing sector and created DTG, a company that went through very high growth process. It describes also the changes in the competitive landscape, new growth opportunities and challenges that the entrepreneur had to face during this particular period of time. Accordingly, students have to make an analysis of the competitive landscape, generate strategic options and evaluate them.


Entrepreneurship; Growth strategy; Strategic decision making; Competitive strategy
3,000 employees, EUR70.4 million in 2000
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