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Poonam Oberoi (Grenoble Ecole de Management)
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11 pages
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Field research


Hosting contests to solicit input and ideas from regular consumers is becoming a common practice for companies like eYeka. In this case study, we describe the main steps of eYeka’s open-innovation process and explain how it forms a bridge between its clients and the members of its virtual community. We further elucidate that open Innovation intermediaries like eYeka are faced with one major challenge: how to sustain the motivation level of their community members so as to ensure their continued participation in innovation related online contests? eYeka has allowed its community members free entry into contests, has provided IPR security, and multiple monetary rewards. What other incentive should it offer to maintain a continued relationship and a stronger bond with its virtual community? In the end, considering the demographics of the eYeka’s community members, we offer certain suggestions to further motivate community members to participate more regularly.


Open innovation; Virtual communities; Online contests

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