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INSEAD (2013)
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10 pages
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Field research
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This is part of a case series. The case 'Rehability (B)' illustrates how one firm created a blue ocean of new market space in the highly regulated and competitive German medical supplies industry in the early 1990s. By asking a different set of strategic questions, Rehability, a German medical supplies company, shifted the focus of the industry and reconstructed market boundaries by looking across the chain of buyers, across the emotional-functional orientation of the industry, and across complementary product and service offerings. In so doing, Rehability was able to uncover and address a whole set of pain points of wheelchair users, create an unprecedented offering for them and at the same time set itself on a growth trajectory even while other medical supply stores and medical supply manufacturers struggled to survive against rapidly deteriorating industry conditions. This two-part case is accompanied by a two-part theory-based movie, which reviews industry conditions and the traditional approach of the medical supplies industry and demonstrates Rehability's strategic move to shift the orientation of the industry and create a blue ocean. Together the theory-based movie and the case are excellent for teaching both MBAs and executives how to reconstruct an industry through the six paths framework.


Blue Ocean Strategy; Rehability; Wheelchairs; Medical supplies industry; Michael Heil; Germany
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