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Gayle Peterson (Partners for Change); Robert Yawson (Quinnipiac University)
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5 pages
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Field research


This case study outlines how Wayne Fergusson’s investment consortium, representing high profile social impact organisations and individuals, has invested $22.45 million in a farm within the Afram Plains District of Ghana. Fergusson’s organisation has high hopes of reducing hunger, creating jobs, and helping development in the district catch up with the rest of the country. Just as the project was gaining significant media coverage and the interest from social investors across the world, new information regarding the use of questionable pesticides and possible child labour issues has been uncovered by a potential investor named Angela Wallingford. This case study which is a real case with the names of the actors changed for privacy and confidential reasons, was designed to help students think through the importance of the dynamics of social change, the triple bottom-line, and ethical decision-making, to grasp more profoundly the challenges facing venture philanthropists, impact investors and the type of leadership required to meet these challenges. This case is intended for use in upper level undergraduate, MBA/MS organisational Leadership (OL) and non-profit management courses. It could, also be used in training to focus on mission delivery in the non-profit sector, leadership and complex decision-making.


Impact investing; Wicked problems; Human security; Leadership; Ethical decision-making; Sustainable development; Triple bottomline; Social investor; Social capital; Social responsibility; Community engagement; Fundraising; Non-profits; Child labour; Partnerships
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December 2013

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