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Reference no. 914-015-1
Peter Kesting (Aarhus University); Stephanie Thiel (Justus-Liebig-Universitat Giessen)
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31 pages
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Generalised experience


After Paris, Prince of Troy, captured Helena, Menelaus (Helena’s husband, King of Sparta) was thirsting for revenge. He and his brother, Agamemnon (King of Mycenae), forged the Alliance of the Achaeans and jointly went to war against Troy. However, after ten years of siege, the Achaeans realised that they could not win the war (aside from Odysseus, who had an idea involving a wooden horse, but people did not think his idea would work). The war is ruining the economy of both parties; further, both are threatened by the Hittites, a hostile kingdom in the East. It is time to negotiate! However, do the parties recognise the meaning of the Gods (who are not sitting at the table, but are playing with the humans)? This negotiation role-play had originally been written for The Negotiation Challenge, 2013, in Athens, Greece ( It involves six people in two coalitions and many issues, some that are integrative and others that are distributive. It can be used for undergraduate as well as graduate students.


Team negotiation; Coalition; Multi-issue negotiation; Value creation; Value claiming; Information sharing; Inventing options; Integrative negotiation; Harvard method
Other setting(s):
App 1300BC

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