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Compact case
Somen Mitra (ITM University Gwalior)
Published in:
4 pages
Data source:
Field research


When leading financial services organization, AMB Financial Services wanted to consolidate its position further in the national landscape, it was pretty fast to introduce the new innovative online platform to benefit from the early - mover advantage. Hoping to leverage from the technological edge it had over its competitors, AMB rolled out an aggressive nationwide launch only to realise soon that there were internal roadblocks which could play a spoilsport. This case will expose the readers to the dynamics of financial services business especially with reference to distribution management and understand the complexities involved in running them in an efficient and time-bound manner. The case also addresses the challenges associated with change management in both formal and informal setting.


Diffusion; Innovation; Financial services; SmartInvest; Human factor; Time management; Mutual funds AMB; Gujarata
AUM approx INR50,000 cr
Other setting(s):
FY 2009-2010

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