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Reference no. 315-130-1
Pei Chuan Wu (National University of Singapore); Joyce Ka Mun Ho (National University of Singapore); Nicodemus Wei Ming Ler (National University of Singapore); Wanxia Tan (National University of Singapore)
Published in:
19 pages
Data source:
Field research
This case addresses the challenges that the NUS Museum faces regarding its awareness amongst the NUS Community. Trina, as the new Outreach Assistant Manager, had to update herself on the NUS Museum’s current situation. Apparently, the NUS Museum’s visitorship has remained stagnant since 2008, despite consistent programming efforts. The NUS Museum is the first university museum in Singapore and was established in 1955. It is located within the main Kent Ridge campus of National University of Singapore in southwest Singapore. The NUS Museum has over 8,000 artifacts and artworks divided across four permanent collections. Donors to the collection include Lee Seng Tee and the late Ng Eng Teng. With such rich and diverse Collections to boast, what could be the factors leading to the lack of awareness amongst the NUS Community? What steps should Trina take to increase awareness amongst the NUS Community?
Learning objectives:
1. Expose students to the unique challenges of the arts & culture industry. 2. Encourage students to critically evaluate strategies in both traditional and non-traditional marketing channels. 3. Enable students to identify the issues and opportunities currently faced by a non-profit organization and to provide solutions. 4. Illustrate the role of suitable positioning in achieving resonance with the intended target audience. 5. Explore sustainable marketing strategies to face manpower and financial constraints.
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