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Kishinchand Poornima Wasdani (Indian Institute of Management Bangalore (IIMB)); Mathew Manimala (Indian Institute of Management Bangalore (IIMB))
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This case is about a startup company operating in the emerging area of online grocery sales, and highlights the pain-points of the new business model, which are more acutely felt as the company is in the startup stage. Haresh Mehta, Co-founder and CEO of SHC (Shop@Home.Com), an online grocery selling company, is reviewing the difficulties raised by some of his customers in shopping with SHC. The issues raised by the customers covered almost all aspects of online shopping, such as: the lapses in the delivery of orders in terms of its quantity, quality, time and amount; the limitations of the SHC website to cater to customers of different abilities; and the inability of SHC to extend discounts or lower prices when compared to offline stores. A major worry for Haresh is that SHC is not able to scale up its daily orders, which is stagnant at 300 orders per day. He has therefore called for a meeting of the top management team to discuss and resolve the customer-complaints and to develop strategies for improving the company's daily sales.


On-line shopping; Retail business; Business model; Customer satisfaction; Supply chain
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